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"ADORMECIDO" Solo show Show. February 10. 2017. Anya Tish Gallery. Houston, TX

Anya Tish Gallery is excited to announce Adormecido, a solo exhibition of new work by Johan Barrios, a Colombian artist now living and working in Houston. Adormecido, featuring paintings and drawings, is Barrios’ inaugural solo exhibition with Anya Tish Gallery




Johan Barrios

Exhibition Dates: May 6 – June 18, 2016
ALH Hallway Space

Art League Houston is excited to present Intervalo, a solo exhibition by Colombian artist Johan Barrios in the ALH Hallway Space. The exhibition features a series of small works on paper that have an otherworldly, haunting quality, exploring the artist's ongoing enquiry into concepts of time, movement and space, as well as notions of self-disclosure and intimacy. 


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The Jelaus Curator. 2017

Gasp! Effortlessly loose, precisely realistic … and that dreamy, ice creamy palette … oh, so beautiful. I wrote about the graphite work of Colombian artist Johan Barrios last year, but when I saw these gorgeous, large-scale oil paintings for his upcoming show in Houston, well, obviously post no.2 started writing itself! 


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Juxtapoz. 2016

The watercolor and graphite portraits of Colombian artist Johan Barrios grip us with their solemnity. He works in greyscale, reproducing the subtle anatomy of his subjects.



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Johan Barrios, a Colombian mixed-media artist, uses graphite, oils, watercolor, and other materials in his figurative works, all carrying surreal abstractions that evoke mystery and quiet drama. There’s a potent blend of tension and tactile intrigue in the artist’s work



Colombian, Houston-based artist Johan Barrios‘ work is a universe of images in movement, whose language goes in search of different features of sonorous expressions, synchronic or asynchronous visuals, elements of action,